Graham breaks down the relationship between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. Tour Dates: …


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    • Sabina Lanning

      Thank you for this video. Yep. Bill Gates wants us all to brush away our gut instinct. I hope he doesn't get away with any wrong doing

    • imaginepeace63

      The vaccine is not even safe. You have to get Bobby Kennedy Jr on your show to talk about the vaccine.

    • Chipp The Tripp
    • Chris de Wet

      Wel….Revelation 22: 11 says it SPOT ON!! 'Let the one who does what is evil continue to do what is evil. Let the filthy person continue to be filthy…..' In other words…they will not change. They and their ways are fixed and their destiny is ….i guess ….also fixed.

    • Maggie Aldridge

      So bill gates mom is a maxwell and his grandfather worked at the federal reserve…🤔🤔🤔been trying to find out why robert changed his name to maxwell and gave the name to his kids….do you know of any connection??

    • don toews

      Billy Boy Gates is as greedy as the best capitalist, he's being sued in Africa. His funds that he donates have strings attached, he likes the vaccines and doesn't like to spend money on clean water etc. As far as cv19 goes vit c is the treatment, prevention and herd immunity, nutrition is the answer. I have not seen any one talk nutrition and cv19 on the main or internet media. In a pandemic one needs a panacea dld for free "Primal Panacea " at

    • Malik Shabazz

      Graham its a case of problem, reaction solution

    • Hayley Lewis

      I prefer the preventative measure of marijuana then the Bill Gates vaccination thank you
      PS Bill Gates is a corrupt C U Next Tues

    • In the state of Corruption

      Bill Gates DNA needs to be verified to make sure there isn't any jackal running through him. Those vaccines need to be given to his grandchildren

    • In the state of Corruption

      This man is not a medical doctor. Why is he being allowed to give medical advice? His vaccines left 450,000 children paralyzed in India. The country kicked him out. In Africa his vaccines contained chemicals that sterilized women without their knowledge. I don't want to take medical advice from a man who is not a medical doctor.
      Yes, his vaccines will lower the population…he is going to chemically sterilize women.

    • John Smythe

      Nice guy Bill Gates… NOT.

    • John Smythe

      Bill Gates 400,000 India children and young people took the Bill Gates vaccine, we all know what happened next, the India Government asked Bill Gates to leave, probably they couldn't protect him from the people.

    • Trevor Hill

      I appreciate the reporting on the Epstein story, but capitalism does not cause hunger, inequality does. Inequality exists in ever form of government.

    • H Soko

      He is also one of the main donners of the WHO.

    • Kathleen March

      Demonetized, friend. Much love.

    • Saakib

      Is there a connection between Epstein wanting to seed humanity with his DNA and the mandatory vaccine being pushed around the world for Covid-19?

    • ucount Count

      Is really Epstein dead? Any pic of his corpse? Any evidence whatsoever that his death was real?… 🤔🤔

    • Bif Webster

      This is the same sort of advertising campaign Apple uses to get folks chomping at the bit for the "newest" iPhone. After they (the Suckers) just bought the "latest" only three month ago. Apple then tells these idiots there will be a "newer" model in just six months. And those idiots will line up overnight, hang out with potential serial killers, ALL NIGHT, just so they can get fucked once again, as they will undoubtedly repeat this process in just a few short months, as they are FOOLS.

      That's what they're doing here. They're putting that carrot (vaccine) just out of reach, and the longer you wait, the more clamor for that vaccine will grow.

      That's when we watch… but more importantly, WAIT.

    • MBsaysGOPATS

      good video until capitalism causes world hunger. Dumb ass

    • galatura

      Gates is full of shit.

    • Kim Ashley

      Can't make this stuff up! Good job Graham!

    • Pyrotic Tiger

      Real potential vaccines shouldn't be out for another year, everything before then is a hoax at best.

      Useful medications that fight symptoms are a different kind of hoax; you're not less sick, your body just doesn't get to fight it the way it's meant to- most symptoms are trying to guide your actions to do things you need to do, like pain telling you to stop putting your hand on a hot burner or pan.

    • jeff wolf

      The only way you get a virus into your body is by injection. All viruses are dead. The only way to get a dead thing into your body is by injection the only way you'll get a dead virus into your body is by injection. When will people wake up he did this interview years ago. And that's how vaccines will lower the population of the planet is its injecting dead viruses into people's bodies which are going to make pandemics go nuts

    • jeff wolf

      And also the vaccines are always paid for by the taxpayers. That's how they get all the money for all this testing is from US the taxpayer. I'm 48 years old I've known about this since I was in my early twenties. How the hell can nobody else know this I'm just a simple former Carpenter handyman business owner that's now disabled.

    • jeff wolf

      Isn't it funny how Bill Gates has had the patent to both the coronavirus and the coronavirus vaccine. Strange how that works like that

    • DustyinLVNV

      While my mind is blown with the connections on this, you discredit yourself with the vaccine quote from Gates. Context is everything and you missed it. Willfully or not, it discredits you.
      Vaccines lower birthrates because it allows mothers to not shoot out 5-6 kids to make sure that 2-3 will live and allow for at least 1 to take care of the elderly parent in the future. This effect has already happened in the US. Couples only have 1-2 kids now vs the many we did in the 1800s. By lowering infinite and childhood mortality we lower the desire to have many kids.

    • Vicky Watson

      Thank you, so many great points .. Appreciate your work.

    • People Are Power

      If this doesn't horrify you then I don't know what will

      ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines

    • People Are Power

      Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination
      By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

    • How InTheWorld

      I recommend people watching two documentaries that may shed some light on all of this:
      How Big Oil Conquered the World – corbettreport
      Why Big Oil Conquered the World – corbettreport
      you can find them on YouTube but the search algorithm for YouTube is often messed up ofc, so you can also find it at

    • David Schlessinger

      "behavior change" Gates has done nothing for testing, nothing but hoard money and acting like a spoiled boy man, like all the billionaires, who have sold us out creating poverty they've done nothing to stop the wars, provide affordable housing, healthcare, living wages just as much a criminal as trump

    • Slave2PaperWithInkOn

      The 11.46 yt video ''Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlight Reel,'' by centreforhealthsecurity. Took place 18th October 2019 in New York – hosted by John Hopkins Centre For Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum AND…the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation !! Move along. NOTHING to see hear…………….

    • Baz Arierep

      Nice work mate love it keep up the fight 👌🏾

    • Baz Arierep

      Nice work mate love it keep up the fight 👌🏾

    • TheAsylumchild

      Next we'll learn that Bill Gates was working on a quantum physics machine so he can collect all the Infinity Stones.

    • soarornor

      How did you manage to do a video about what a slime ball Gates is and not mention Event201? Kind of an odd omission. Rather glaring.

    • Carl Dorey

      Good work. I would have to disagree capitalism causes hunger. Pretty far reaching on that one.

    • David Scanlon

      It's a PLANEDemic folks, the 1% Parasitic elite have been working on this wet dream for decades! By the way India ousted the B & M Gates foundation some time back for links to thousands of deaths due to their vaccines. I think it was the HPV one. Someone can correct if i'm wrong.

    • People Are Power

      Bill Gates’ Psychopathology: “We Don’t Want A lot of Recovered People” – Reason Behind the Lock-Downs
      By Rosemary Frei from OffGuardian

    • M'sheArt2

      He can keep his damn vaccine.

    • Love One another

      MSNBC, the MS stands for Microsoft. . Bill sold his shares a few years ago for almost 500 million!

    • manbearpig


    • manbearpig

      Thanks for this. I wish Chris Hitchens was around to write about Gates. I wish he would just fuck off. He is creepy af.

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