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    31 replies to "Boris Johnson Freemasons Satanism – Sonia Poulton"

    • Jom Swom

      This video has to be shadowbanned

    • Mister ADHD

      boris nonsense needs executing, this fake crisis he has made to look way worse, you get the covid test you will test positive because we all have various covids in our system literally every animal has covids we need them as they help us create immune respnces naturally, masks are activating inactive covids in our system and thus it spreads to others. FUCK THESE RICH RACIST PEDO SATANIC POLITICIANS, DONT VOTE

    • Kristina Turner

      The Freemasons murder people and say they committed suicide.

    • Alien Intention

      Did Sonia say the justice system punishes women more harshly than men with a straight face, and to add insult to injury Shawn didn't correct her? 🤔😁🤣 Jesus fucking Christ

    • Too Smooth To Moove

      Many thanks to a great Lady !

    • Dan Beaton

      Boris Johnson is a sick evil war criminal just like the rest of his buddys Bush Blair Clintons Rothschilds.The evilest people on earth. All destine for hell.

    • n g

      If they made Aussie pay a tv fee in 2020 riots would result. Who'd pay for the crap?

    • Tracy Given

      I wanna know who have off them bellends are in parliament and the job role. Why they’re there. Old men falling asleep in on the back bench. Get rid off them all and the Royal family.

    • Barbara Keats

      Your protection is from the tru God Jehovah. Their are very evil powers in this universe and knowing who the true God is is critical.

    • Frank Harrington

      We are in the middle of spiritual warfare. Deus Vult.

    • SiJRa

      Love our Sonia…. what a gal….

    • she got better morale

      # selfish ppl enable sick selfish ppl

    • craig kitching

      Sonia beloved, i am not judging you im discerning your spirit life and i discern that you are in New Age and the "spirit guides" or "channeling" are demons. I know what goes on in closed doors among the establishment and their evil deeds will be exposed, as for you my Sister you need to hear the true Gospel of the name above EVERY other name and that is The Lord Jesus Christ! (john 14-6 Jesus said) "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE AND NO MAN WILL COME TO THE FATHER EXEPT THROUGH ME". I HATE religion with all its rules but with my Savior Jesus Christ or Yeshua Hameschac in Hebrew you can have a real relationship with him and he will never leave you nor forsake you. You are LOVED BEYOND ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE! (PALSM 91) "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty". Read the Bible (KJVERSION) and it will blow your socks off!. Jesus is the ONLY way trust me, i have tried EVERYTHING AND LOST IT ALL TO TRY AND FILL THAT HOLEMIN MY HEART………………….5YRS AGO JESUS DID THAT AND I AM SO SO HAPPY AND KNOWING I AM GOING TO SEE HIM FACE TO FACE IN HEAVEN. Give it a try for 3 weeks and i guarentee you will be a changed Lady. God Bless you in the unmatchable name of Jesus. Amen.

    • Stephen Anderson

      The Book "the Brotherhood" is an excellent read. However, the book "Inside The Brotherhood." that was never published is the book that holds the truth.

    • Starling Swallow

      Is a TV license optional or forced on you guys??!

    • Dennis D.

      "The johnson's are a pox on the land" brilliant.

    • Not Good With Words Vega

      God….if you believe……? The dead can't reach out….its demons pretending

    • Littlebit

      Like the trump family is to America!

    • KaMoMo

      STFU QTards

    • Brandt J

      Wow. A question was "is the dark stuff" real? If we dont know the answer to that question, we are finished! THESE PEOPLE TALK DIRECTLY TO DEMONS YOU IDIOT! If you can summon it, it is real! Unbelievable! Ignorance of these matters has costed man a great many nations. And were doing it again! We never learn!

    • Sally Chambers

      wow what an honest and amazing lady

    • Macs Headroom

      Anyone who hurts a child is a Small cowardly piece of shit and are the sick parasites of the innocence of mankind, sadly half are our politicians are PEDOS Protected by federal police forces, or Pedo Force's

    • midnightchannel

      Interesting… if you harbor a felon in the US you are guilty of a crime, it's not that way in the UK?

    • midnightchannel

      (Water spray is better than tear gas or bullets if violence breaks it – eg, BLM Antofa violence in the US.. )

    • Kat Pearle

      Stephen Knight authored the "Brotherhood". also check out the book and film "Murder by Decree" .

    • Elaine Kerslake

      I know for a fact that that Bojo was a twin but he devoured the other at an early age.

    • Olaf Steiner

      quite cultural marxist this show. shame these guys aren't aware of the race issue

    • Ben 7

      Not much evidence to all the allegations. Don’t get me wrong I believe there’s a high level pedo ring but I also believe in evidence.

    • Gareth

      Please stop giving this psychopath a fucking voice Attwood.

    • Elizabeth Mckirdy

      Tv license used to separate single mums from their children where do all their children go? No coincidence

    • Amanda Sharp

      Water cannons should of been used on BLM no sex alligation on Boris no facts this time and I subscribe to you preach facts please

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