Journalist Whitney Webb joins us today from Chile to talk about the budding “trust industry” — the latest crusade (and gold rush) to fight fake news. A new …


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    • blackflag 33rd

      Love this Girl….I might go to Chile lol.

    • BYE12FAQ UNO

      Watch Dershowitz throw madam Rothchild under the 🚌 #RothchildEpsteinconnection

    • Surfview

      The Mega Group/AIPAC/JINSA entrapment and extortion RICO scheme lost its key entrapment organizer (Epstein), but, they will continue with their efforts to make sure that the $4 billion USA taxpayer gift (per year) to Israel continues unabated. Why can't pundits put it together? This RICO scheme doesn't extort money from the entrapment victims, it blackmails USA VIPs and congressmen so that they don't interfere with the Mega Group/AIPAC/JINSA RICO scheme of bringing home the $4 billion bacon to Israel?

    • Yuri muckraker

      thank you soo much for inviting on Whitney Webb, the past several years she has been doing stunning muckraking on controlled opposition corrupt left leaning media, the real aims of the war in Syria, Aung sun Suu Kyi, Venezuela, Anti-Russia conspiracy theories, Newsguard, the corporate greenwashing of AOC's Green New Deal, the loophole in Bernie's Yemen Bill, but most stunning was her three part investigation into Pierre Omydiar of Ebay and the funder of the Intercept and the skeletons in his closet and a three part investigation with Vanessa Beeley into Jo Cox, the people behind the Jo Cox Fund and its cynical role in imperialism project in Syria and supporting Islamist front groups like the White Helmets. She is completely underrated and I'm just shock from several RT program, to George Galloway, to the Real News, Unauthorized Disclosure, Moderate Rebels and others that they haven't invited Whitney Webb on consistently because the stories she breaks I'd be constantly giving her journalism awards hehe!

    • lukman tohpaeroh

      Love this channel.

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