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    • Yuri muckraker

      fantastic interview! well done, great conversation.

    • jazznojazz
    • All The Marbles

      I've been waiting for this podcast for awhile and it's awesome. Listening a little late but, as of today. QE is on 700b 200mbs/500 treasuries, 100 Bps cut, reserve requirements lowered. How prescient about deregulating on wall street. Nothing matters more then reserve requirements. Flood gates are open but, you can't print through a supply chain shock or maybe you can and were about to find out.

      I disagree with you on China Tom. Fuck them, raise tarriffs to 200%. This country can be fine. Fuck the multinationals. Trump needs to be fucking honest with people and so far he hasn't been. Geographically integrated supply chains are better and I am laughing my ass off about this crash. Let the globe burn because this form of capitalism is doing nobody good. Over here or over there. What were seeing is an unwind of indexing , passive management and globalization. Corporate governance has been broken by too few stakeholders. It's not about a concentration of wealth it's about a concentration of power and risk I believe.

      Brilliant analysis on the Afghanistan conversation. You can't get that anywhere else.

      I'd knock on every door in a 100 mile radius for Paul/Tulsi ticket. We aren't there yet unfortunately so I'll be voting Trump again. I hope he just liquidated most of civil service members this time..

      Great interview Tom as always. Not a lot of information about foreign affairs out there in this enviroment and always glad you bring the real.

      Webb is a gem of journalism. I hope you can have her back.

    • Melvorgazh

      RT America is really good.
      But if they had Whitney Webb working for them they'd be awesome.

    • Dennis Salisbury

      Afganistan Opium used by CIA to run the Global Opium Trade, IPI pipeline
      CIA backed princes in Saudi Arabia are under arrest. Coronavirus $8 billion for foreign AID interventions not for domestic relief. DARPA Vaccine, mRNA Vaccines, post-vaccine health effects. Neocons are still in political power. Banks implode,

    • Joseph Pessa

      Whitney's midi-chlorian count must be through the roof… Very impressive

    • Austin MTB Trails

      I just received $125,000 in inheritance. Wondering if I should buy land now or wait to see if the real-estate bubble pops. I am worried that if I wait too long that the money in the bank might evaporate. Not knowing anything about gold, how do I avoid overpaying or becoming a victim of exorbitant fees–or where in the hell I would even put it? Also everyone trying to sell me gold comes off as a bit of a charlatan. All the financial advisors to whom I have spoken roll their eyes when I tell them that I don't think it is safe to have money in the stock market or even a money-market account. They all seem to think things will continue to roll on as always. Please elaborate on how to build a portfolio to take advantage of the "corona recession."

    • MG Stojanovic

      Look to Germany for that bank to go belly up.

    • pearlbuster47

      I wanted to hear more of Whitney and her thoughts since that
      was why she was on the show, right ? Tom seems to want to
      maintain control for whatever reason

    • Sigurður Stefán

      Great interview Tom. You deserve so many more subscribers

    • Tom Spanne

      If you understand the TAPI pipeline project and the International Heroin pipeline you will understand 9/11. Wall St. calls the tune. Oligarchs pick the candidates. It’s a selection not an election. DARPA and Corona are Social Engineering. Don’t buy the narrative. Don’t be a serf!

    • Alyson Mc Vitty

      brilliant both of you

    • BOtt


    • Jeremy Saunders

      After listening to Whitney Webb I think getting rid of the CIA the whole world would be a safer place to live, it disgusting when you listen to what has been going on and who starts it.

    • Richard Lefaive

      Oh, and regards the CIA's long time involvement in the drug trade. This is now a known fact and … it should be a source of national embarrassment for the US and the only reason a US prez with any integrity needs to purge the top 3-4 levels of the entire department. Again, much as hate conspiracy theories, this "program" has been so detrimental to US and Western society in general that its continuance can only be attributed to tight ties between the CIA and highly influential Zionist fanatics ( e.g. NWO zionists, not just Israel for the Jewish zionists ) .

    • Richard Lefaive

      The US continuing to try to manage pipeline oil deals and interests in parts of the world that are:

      – geographically distant.
      – where the public are ideologically socially distant from the West's values. NA's in particular
      – unstable.

      Is an insane, proven to be failed ( on every level) , policy. All it has done is result in the US extending itself and credit bubble worldwide, much to Putin's glee.

      The answers to this problem has always been ( for 40 years ) Canada, Mexico, and ( at one point, this ship has now sailed ) Venezuela. All of which are were a much easier and better fit for US to meet its oil needs. All of this is strategically obvious. Yet … US "intelligence" has refused to acknowledge this and change tack for that entire time. Often putting impediments in the way for those countries in support of their own ( BS ) US shale + Saudi interests. Its nothing short of gross incompetence on the part of the US's alphabet agencies.

      FYI: Being blunt, the notion that a new Trump appointment with that last name and Israel ties is going to provide a change in direction to US foreign policy and CIA direction is laughable.

      FYI: Any "COVID" bill that doesn't seriously address the issue of funding for public health issues in a pandemic scenario within a country that does not have socialized medicine for all OF ANY TYPE … is not serious. This is the biggest single problem and weakness with the US's fully privatized health system. I fully admit it also has some advantages, but they get swamped in this scenario.

    • Crypto Tone Loc

      Afghanistan is total bullshit. I went there in 2004. Poor country with low education levels. The Taliban is basically like the Amish in the US, they want to be leftalone and we keep messing with them. We have to be there for strategic reasons or the poppy.

    • black Thai

      Excellent guest Tom. Whitney must be one of the best investigative reporters around.

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