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    43 replies to "Epstein Judge Family attacked update"

    • Laura Powers

      PLEASE post the links to the facts about the sniper weekly shooting of Palestinians.

    • Daeney DiRusso

      I watch these videos for the intro music

    • TCG

      Your noise-making intro is not conducive to reasoned thinking.

    • thedavid00100

      Dictators name lol the Rhodesian state was a white minority rule state, black "Rhodesians" had NO civil rights. Can you imagine supporting a state named in the heart of black Africa after a psychotic racist like Cecil Rhodes. It's like naming the United States after King George III. Also, pls stop spreading the myth of "white" farmer genocide in SA. "White" South Africans are the clear economical elites of "post apartheid" SA. Infact, they form a more explicit elite of SA society than Ashkenazi Jewry in the US. Yet, you get into a hissy fit over so called Jewish over representation in US institutions. You may not know or even want to admit it, but you may have a some issues with race.

    • Truthisstrangerthan Fiction

      Israel = what? So much disinformation….

    • PrayingTruth

      @Ryan Dawson & those unfamiliar with the awesome Amazing Polly: we are supposed to support one another not divide all Patriots!
      You obviously have never watched any amazing Polly video’s bc if you had, you would know how she actually is an amazing investigative citizen journalist that she is! Sure at one time she did cover q posts, however she hasn’t done that for cpl yrs now except to mention rarely anything q. Enough ppl cover she focus’s on deep digs into the players of the global deep state syndicate! Well worth your time to check her out! She always lists all her sources in links below vid to read for yourself since it’s impossible to cover every aspect of multiple sources, docs & articles! Her coverage of Epstein, giswell family syndicate, CV liars, globalists lies & crimes, WHO etc is A++++++++ just to name a few! She covers injustices going on across every nation etc! She also connects these world wide globalist evil players, their affiliations, organizations, NGO’s, background family hx connecting dots, censoring, eugenics, indoctrination, crimes against humanity WW, PG, nxxvm, jep sex cults, Showing proof in black and white for all to see, come to their own conclusions, do deeper digs etc!

      As for Wayfare: prior to her going on a long overdue vacation/break, she was looking for a storage cabinet, saw similar products way over priced for same looking item and description; she then tweeted about asking if anyone else’s spidey sense was going off over this peculiarity‼️ She came back only to find that her simple tweet drop had exploded into massive everyday ppl doing their own private digs & sharing!

      See something, say something, share‼️

    • Nathan Harrison

      You need to look into the misinformation regarding white SA farmers, just as much bs there as regarding the Clintons – you know the political power of race wars, it's the OG black lives matter

    • franz stockmann

      This was an organized hit. I am struck with the similarity of this to the old Redford/ dunaway film- " day of the condor" . the sad thing is- taking the evidence to a newspaper is the worst thing you can do. In today's world redford would have no where to turn. Pray for us- there will be blood.

    • franz stockmann

      Beware the mailman- a scene out of that old Redford/ dunaway film- " day of the condor"

    • GoldenCheese

      Is that Oscar, Tim Dillons troubled cat at the wheel?

    • Alma Beckwith

      pack of criminals…antisemite my arse

    • kel n

      Ian Smith was a douche bag and the present government in Zimbabwe is a disgrace. Zimbabwe means house of bricks in the local lingo. Confederate flag do you have a small appendage so the flag makes you feel powerful 😂🤣🙊

    • James Lomenzo

      Thats a cool book over Ryan's shoulders, Black Lies Matter. Great information in the book about how we're being lied to.

    • JuanJulio Jamirez

      Never jump the shark

    • josoapification

      Dawson street in Dublin is twinned with a village in co Derry in the north of Ireland called CASTLEDAWSON

    • Joe Smith

      25:00 The isreal is a Russian puppet state.

    • Joe Smith

      17:40 Iran is a member of mossad.

    • Joe Smith

      0:48 the people on the pic are all spy's working for mossad. Ebstein oversaw the rape an ex of mine and they killed our daughter. Ebstein was laundering money through the Clinton foundation with the black mail they got. Israel is a puppet state for Russia.

    • JB Burger

      Good stuff as always Ryan

    • jaleel appleseed

      Yeah,. It was Hillary doing a solid for her cousin tRump ,.😑🤓👻

    • charles robbins

      Ryan, you are on the right track and it is nice to see you pursuing the blackmail aspect. How many times have you seen two people in a FedEx truck? Enough said. Most likely one person did the job.

      Also, if cases involving Epstein warrant this type of response… Unless Epstein is alive, there is something else or someone else fearing exposure, right?

      The sheer transparency of motivation, preservation of self, should make figuring out who is behind this simple to determine. Court documents, if they are not locked, can be obtained, perhaps you, or you with friends help, can obtain the documents and read them?

      Israel is a distant second place to the United States in terrorist acts.

    • Anna Bell

      Great time to have everybody hiding their face.

    • SID Truth

      the Clintons have done it again

    • Gas Mask

      everyone talks about ny and chicago, but Baltimore is THE absolute worst in the country and literally NO ONE cares or mentions it! HOW??? we were the murder capital last year, yes AHEAD OF CHICAGO! we broke the record last year. this year, we're on pace to break last year's record. is Baltimore not a sexy enough city to talk about? are we not a "major" enough city? this makes no sense!

    • Carolyn Eadie

      Where are the other women that worked for Epstein, information please. Should they be arrested!

    • Vladimir Himeur

      We should make links between this killing, Deutsche bank and MBS.

    • Terrance Maddox

      Owen Benjamin has been raising money to build a cult compound. Its called Jacktopia or something..

    • Korey G

      Do more Shaun Attwood!

    • Dan A

      Bruh 🤦‍♂️ don't pander to the gay bears…

    • New Hampshire

      Someone tweeted pictures of Trump as the FedEx man which is more credible.

    • priscixa

      This is completely unrelated but why is there a cat in the van? Haha I was laughing so hard at that.
      I feel terrible for Judge's son.

    • The Raj Collective

      Mark Anderl, the husband of Judge Salas is not a prosecutor, he’s a defense attorney, and also happens to be my defense attorney. This happened right where my friends and I play music. RIP to their son and hopefully justice and truth will be served.

    • artashes

      Yeah, Jewess Amy Goodman's interview with Israeli retired Diplomat Shulamit Amit. Type in on YouTube "IT'S A TRICK WE ALWAYS USE IT" about calling people that over-tired ANTI-SEMITE.

    • artashes

      American Cops are sent to Israel and they study Israeli KRAV MAGA, which is kick-ass Martial Arts, no rules, no socks, no shoes, no masks, no traditional-respect MARTIAL ART, use a bottle, use small knives, use forks…Its a horrible fighting system. NEVER like Japanese Kendo Karate, Korean's Tae Kwon Do, and American Ed Parker Karate (this is what Elvis Presley studied, and he was a 3rd degree black belt, wish he stuck with it instead of prescription drugs etc)

    • Idon'agreë Ordó-eye

      I seen a report they killed the shooter. Is that fake?

    • Darren Clarke

      That judge also sentenced people from MOB HOUSEWIVES television shows, or one of those shows, to prison for tax evasion.?????

    • Cortical Larvae

      Zoroastrian funerary practices , are incredible.

    • Cortical Larvae

      Assassins work alone, in case they get caught.

    • TheTruthlady

      Splitting fences again? #Suspect!!!

    • Jim Ranallo

      Which bank lent trump money?

    • Johnny Fed

      An Irish flag

      Signed by the mayor of Ireland

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