Richie Allen on the coming YouTube Mass Censorship Channel Shutdown When Covid-19 Vaccine Is Released Howya friends. Little bit of news. I’ve a couple …


    24 replies to "Mask madness; 'Kosher Nostra' Les Wexner Funded Epstein Mossad Blackmail Op; Magnitsky pre-WWIII law"

    • psingh63

      Maria Farmer was not a "call girl" around 1:50 onwards. She was an artist hired by Epstein and later assaulted by Epstein and Maxwell.

      Here are the full interviews ( and )

    • Aries Chick

      Whitney Webb Maria Farmer the inside story

    • Rob James

      Leave or stay, makes no difference. They're all told what to do!

    • Natalie Minnis

      Utterly. Fascinating. 👏🏽

    • Kate Bates

      I'm in USA and extremely weary of the kosher nostra. Their biggest asset is ability to cover up n compromise investigation into their myriad of crimes of unspeakable brutality, from sex slavery, organ harvesting, snipers murdering babies n handicapped. Their infamous t shirts with pregnant woman with slogan "1 shot 2 kills' that they boastfully promote. The inhumane siege of Gaza where they counted calories to let in bare minimum of food for they put palestinians on a diet.
      Pushing the religion of holocaustianity an labeling all that criticize their murders n apartheid as antisemitism is ludicrous

    • Kris

      I listened to the whole thing and it was great. Thanks fella!

    • gudrun clarke

      . This was a most interesting and enjoyable session.

    • Justin Rumsby

      Kier’ll fix it and his rotten Blairites are willing to destroy the Labour Party. Quite frankly, good riddance tomLabour now.

    • Smutler

      Martin wake up. So far less people have died in the UK from Covid19, (even with the inflated figures) than the annual total for influenza in 2018. New study suggests up to 200,000 may die because of Lockdown. Sweden shows the economic Lockdown was unnecessary, only protecting the care homes was, where the opposite was actually done. It’s clear from tests in Barcelona and Brazil Covid was circulating well before Wuhan outbreak. A safe vaccine may not be possible. Herd immunity among healthy only responsible course. And while we’re distracted….Biggest transfer of wealth from poor to rich with quantitative easing, the inevitable recession can be blamed on Covid and new era of automation and surveillance.

    • Ian Collins

      Martin…. The banks were being bailed out 6 months before the " was announced " …. The CARES act was written a year before. Something is definitely fishy.

    • yojimbe1

      I'm quite sure some Bolsheviks stayed behind in Russia after they starved about 20 million Christians to death. It's interesting that we aren't reminded of that every year…only the "6 million".

    • Roy Mindmybusiness

      Terrific today guys keep up the good work !

    • Stefan Ghabooli

      Awesomely informative. Thank you very much for today's presentation. Will you be backing up your work elsewhere? I use Bitchute and Dlive, do you have any handles there to grab hold of?

    • Dark Father

      I'm to tired to go through this video! Over 20 years of my life, I went through 300.000 files, over one petabyte of data!

      If you are really interested about the topic, intelligence community aka 'the family', from Mossad to now FSB to American CIA here you've got a taste of it in terabytes you can download and process yourself!

    • Stefan Ghabooli

      RT has become subtly more and more Globalist. Now it plays like BBC lite and I've unsubscribed from their platform in favour of the Hill and Fox news, which I can't stand either, but neither Tucker Carlson nor Saargar have slipped all the way into the Globalist pocket the way Lee Camp has. I won't fight for RT. I would prefer to see the BBC abolished for total hogwashery, than interfere in how any other Country wishes to present their propaganda.

    • Andy Andy

      MOSSAD "by deception we shall do war" here are your Russians! These have the most to gain,

    • Steven Nodlehs

      Our local Aldi has been ran by ultra nazis since lockdown began. The one further along the road has never enforced anything. So it's clearly a class war thing 🙂

    • Steven Nodlehs

      The number of covid deaths in a country seems to be directly proportional to the amount of money it needs to print to bail out their financial institutions and big businesses. Spooky.

    • reg smith

      Delusional Labour party members who voted for Kier Starmer (like Martin) are class enemies and a useless waste of space.

      The idea that a second referendum is even possible is quite frankly absurd, so is not supporting Long Bailey due to her seeing the reality that supporting a second referendum lost labour the last election, and a second referendum is not even possible, if it ever was.

      All labour remainers have done is guarantee a Tory victory, thanks for nothing.

      Kier Starmer is an enemy of democracy and a free press persecuting Assange, perverting the course of justice of the Swedish judicial system, not prospecting killer cops, or spy cops as DPP, Voting to block an investigation into the Iraq war.

      Anyone supporting such a person so they can wave their pointless little blue flags is an enemy of the labour movement.

    • Steven Nodlehs

      Just look at what was put into action on 9/11 1991 and what came to be on 9/11 2001. Destroying the Russian economy and leaving it ripe for the venture (vulture) capitalists. But they never talk about that on the news.

    • Marcus Jules

      Wait Martin you voted for this Zionists Starmer are you kidding me then you have contributed to the demise of Labour and the working class.You have contributed to the plight of the Palestinians you are a traitor to the working class.Kier Starmer is an Ultra Zionists man don't have a drop English in him.

    • sharon bestley

      I saw the lies and the way the Labour party was acting against Jeremy Corbyn. That is why I have left the Labour party and the new so-called leader is just a Boris sidekick.

    • Steven Nodlehs

      I'll never vote labour again – anti zionism is not anti semitism – Israel is a murderous, nazi style, apartheid state. End of conversation.

    • Miele Rodriguez

      If RT had done anything wrong Id have noticed. As an Englishman Id defend RT. Running stories that are true but embarrassing is NOT propaganda. In fact Id take RT over the BBC any day. If they get banned then the dark days are here.

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