Jeffery Epstein may be locked up and awaiting trial, but connecting the strands this web of international child sex trafficking network wove throughout the …


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    • Yuri muckraker

      superb interview!

    • Weeping Willow

      Do you have am email I could reach you at?

    • Lyrical Terrorist

      I can not hear shit dude. U need a mic bro

    • me ku

      why can't we SEE Whitney when she's the one talking? this is not the least bit professional in any way.

    • me ku

      what is wrong with this guy's microphone? I can't hear him. Now I can't hear Whitney.

    • Melvorgazh

      ps: in a recent video I heard that Whitney and Mint Press were threatened by Twitter too in some ways.
      David Icke said that Youtub threatened him too. 😾

    • Melvorgazh

      I noticed that WeAreChange guy doesn't have a good sound neither.
      A shame, cause Whitney good such a fresh and dynamic friendly voice. For X-Mass or her birthday we should collect a bit of money to buy her the latest Zoom H5 🙂
      I wonder if Whitney gets some of her information from Wikileaks or the dar-knet.
      She really is an encyclopaedia ^^

    • Surfview

      The Mega Group/AIPAC/JINSA entrapment and extortion RICO scheme lost its key entrapment organizer (Epstein), but, they will continue with their efforts to make sure that the $4 billion USA taxpayer gift (per year) to Israel continues unabated. Why can't pundits put it together? This RICO scheme doesn't extort money from the entrapment victims, it blackmails USA VIPs and congressmen so that they don't interfere with the Mega Group/AIPAC/JINSA RICO scheme of bringing home the $4 billion bacon to Israel?

    • JadeStar

      Thank you for truth

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